Dennis Dotson 9/24/2018

Mr. Freedman,
I have come across your Sea Spirit blog and I have really enjoyed reading about your approach to finding and equipping a cruising boat. =C2=A0
Now, your blog ends in 1911 I believe, just when you were considering selling Sea Spirit.  I also see where Sea Spirit is still (or again) for sale in Portland, Maine.
Did you end up selling her?  Or are you still in the process of selling her?  She is quite the boat.  I would really be interested in learning anything more about your adventure with Sea Spirit after your blog ended.,
Thank you for your consideration,
Dennis Dotson


---Reply posted by Dan Freedman on 9/24/2018

Dennis, it will not surprise you to learn that I sold Sea Spirit several years ago. However, she or one of her sister ships do come on the market from time to time. I don't have anything more to add to my Sea Spirit adventure, but you may want to contact Judy Waldman of JW Yachts.

Roslyn Rhodes 1/14/2014
Glad to hear that you are back on line. I understand from your parents that you have sold your boat. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures where ever they may lead you. Roz Rhodes
Jack 1/13/2014
Like an old friend from out of the past! Glad to see your post again. Like many others I am sure, I appreciate the time you take to share your experiences with boat ownership and enjoyment. Your blog has been a favorite to follow and your analysts of systems and honest reflection on experiences has been informative and enjoyable to read. I looked at your Sea Spirit a couple of times but ended up buying a smaller Marlow for the speed. I never use the extra speed.... and sometimes wonder how much better the ride would be on a true trawler. Maybe there is no perfect boat? Enjoy your travels.
francois karm 1/13/2014
I deeply enjoy reading your experience from your trawler to the 100 ft magnificient boat. Of course this is something we all can think about, but you live this, and more, you share your point of view with a verry soft and honest manner. In reality this is the experience of life, like from a small appartment to a castlle in France. You get more sensation in a small lotus than in a porsches.....But it´s not common to readreal report and not bla bla bla.....thank you very much. Really, it was a pleasure to read all the implication of your choice. Francois karm, bizjet pilot, and future owner of a trawler with my familly.
Ken H. 9/20/2012
Thanks for the update, Dan! Very informative. You're a great beta tester. :-) There seems to be an embarrassment of riches in the 75' trawler range. Marlow, Nordhavn, and Fleming have some great boats right in that sweet spot ready to cruise. Doggersbank has a compelling 74' but those are semi-custom. Northwest has some great designs, too. I'd be interested in your analysis of the boats in that range. Thanks again for sharing, All The Best, Ken
Richard Clark 9/20/2012
This is so fascinating.
Winter 2011: Training from Lauderdale to Georgetown and back!