We're Dan and ......., a couple in our late-forties, with our two home-schooled kids, Jasper (age 13) and Jonquil (age 8). We live in Honolulu when we're not traveling. The home-schooling helps a lot with the traveling, giving us the flexibility to explore at non-peak times of the year, and take extended trips without compromising the kids' education.

Our boating adventures started about 8 years ago when we decided to attend a boat show in Seattle. However, we had absolutely no idea what we wanted, and it took a full year to figure out that we were more interested in exploring than getting away for the weekend. This led us to trawlers.

We nearly bought a Cape Horn 63 that was for sale in Florida. However, some family issues caused us to abort our purchase attempt, and it took us another 4 years to get back onto boating. This time around, we were looking at used boats, figuring that a well looked after used boat probably represents a better value than a new one (this is of course debatable). We had been working with boat broker extraordinare Judy Waldman, who suggested we tour a Sea Spirit Passagemaker 60 that was available in Seattle. She also mentioned that another was available in Florida, both owned by the manufacturer, both new, and both at prices that reflected the dismal state of the economy in 2010. Without expecting that we would ever agree on value, we were as surprised as anyone when we were able to do just that a few weeks later, and we became owners of our first boat.

Our prior boating experience was not exactly robust. Dan had done some reservoir sailing on dinghies, and we had both crossed between two Fijian islands on a Hobie Cat in 1999 on our honeymoon. However, we have spent over 200 nights at sea on cruise ships, including a couple of trans-Pacific crossings to Hawaii, and a couple of Seattle to Singapore runs via the Aleutians. By no means do these cruises qualify us as sailors, of course, and yet they do count for something. We've seen a lot of weather, a lot of ports, a lot of fishing buoys, and so on.

We are also both licensed pilots, with Dan having experience in gliders, single-engine, multi-engine, jet, and helicopter aircraft. Dan also has his commercial and instrument ratings. While nothing to do with boating, this experience definitely counts a lot. Everything from the weather to the seriousness of training to the emphasis on safety and redundancy and procedures, carries straight over into boating. Even the experience of owning a Cessna 414 brings something significant to the mix. Indeed, the piloting experience was recognized by our insurers.

While perhaps not as dramatic, we also have significant RV experience, having owned several, including a 45 foot class A Newmar Mountain Aire and a 36 foot Teton Homes trailer pulled by a Volvo VNL-780 semi-tractor. We do seem to have had an obsession with vehicles, which is carrying over into boats.

Still, the boating learning curve is plenty steep. We have been helped tremendously by the wonderful reading material available, both in print and in the online forums, some of which are in the links page on this web site.

Dan lived for 15 years in the UK, and then in Canada for 25 years before moving to Honolulu. His career has been as a software entrepreneur in the Internet networking and security sectors, and has spanned the most interesting and volatile 25 years imaginable. Although the companies he has grown are not household names, the larger companies that acquired them certainly are: McAfee, Symantec, IBM, and (of interest only to those in the VoIP field) Ditech. Dan has also founded venture capital companies in both the US and Canada, and today continues to mentor growth-stage companies in the areas of business strategy, financing, negotiation, revenue development, and exit. Dan is also an avid jazz pianist, and performs irregularly in Honolulu and wherever else the opportunity presents itself.

Jasper and Jonquil are our children, without whom much of what we do would seem entirely without meaning. Jasper loves fishing, and Jonquil is a keen reader.

It's fair to say that the best thing about all the traveling that we do is that we get to meet wonderful people, and make new friends at each new stop. We are firm believers that everybody has something interesting to say, if we take the time to stop and listen. Thanks for taking an interest in our story - we look forward to learning more about yours.

     Jasper and Jonquil, ..... and Dan
      ex owners of M/V Sea Spirit and M/V Perfect Harmony